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Born during a break in her father’s Air Force service, Tricia is a native Mobilian, but has always referred to ‘the local military base’ as home.

Shortly after her birth, her father returned to service and remained there until his retirement. Tricia is the youngest of three ‘brats’ in a family  overrun with military veterans and all around patriots. The granddaughter of both a WWII Marine and a WWII Sailor, the daughter of an Airman, sister/sister-in-law/niece of Army Soldiers, Tricia also claims a grandmother who was a WWII Rosie The Riveter [ok, she was a welder].

After a fortuitous trip with her father to meet some of his ‘buddies’ [USAF Thunderbirds], Tricia was to be forever changed. With a family tree full of patriotic Americans who proudly served their country, it was no surprise to hear a grade school Tricia say she would be enlisting in the Air Force. It was a sad day when it was discovered that she was unable to step up and swear in, as a medical anomaly prevented her enlistment. Not to be easily thwarted, she would try two more times to convince her country that she was indeed ‘fit for duty’, only to be denied.

Having found a home amongst the members of the Marine Corps League, Tricia plowed in headfirst to supporting veterans’ causes and raising awareness. One of her happiest encounters is the confusion of league members concerning that she never actually served, as she can ‘hang with the best of them!” Joining forces with Cal and Tom on numerous projects for the League cemented a relationship that would forge this team of the Scuttlebutt Network.

With a background in design and software, Tricia worked for several years as a Software Trainer before deciding that her passion for our nation’s Patriots outweighed the glamorous [hah!] life of a road warrior. Tricia now happily tags along wherever the guys lead, providing technical assistance, attitude adjustments, and all around reality checks!

Tricia resides in Mobile near family and friends.

She will happily tell you:

“You can’t scare me.....I hang out with Marines”